If you are deeply in debt, have student loans, or have errors on your credit report, we can help you save hundreds of dollars a month, and perhaps even receive compensation for your economic loss and emotional harm.

Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy is an opportunity to wipe the slate clean, but the right bankruptcy attorney will help you with so much more than that. The right bankruptcy attorney will put you on a path to financial recovery so that your life can return to normal as soon as possible. Your initial consultation is completely free, so you have nothing to lose. Click the button below and I will introduce you to a bankruptcy that I know, in your area.

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Fair Credit Report Attorney (FCRA)

Errors impact a person's credit score more than any other problem. Unfortunately, many people don't know how to fix or identify them. Did you know:
- 40,000,000 Americans have an error on their credit report.
- 25% of those errors are so bad, that if the person applied for credit, they would be denied.

Are any of these happening to you:
... items on your credit report that are not yours.
... creditors are not responding to your emails or letters.
... items on your credit report that are yours, but incorrect.
... your credit report getting confused with another person with the same name.
... any other error that you can imagine.

Our attorney recommendations will do the following for you:

a) With your approval, we will review your credit report for free.
b) We will look at your credit report together to identify potential errors. If you have filed bankruptcy, we will compare your discharge papers to your current credit report. Typically, 50% of post-bankruptcy credit reports have an error.
c) If there are errors, we send the letters to the creditors for you.
d) The attorney fees are paid by the lender that reported the error. There is no cost to you.

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Collection Attorney (FDCPA)

Here are examples of what collections companies are doing every day, and every one of these is illegal:

... harassed to pay your bills by collectors?
... threated with an arrest or lawsuit if you don’t pay your bills?
... called at work after you asked them to stop?
... contacted by the collector after you have hired an attorney?
... been treated with abusive or foul language?
... called before 8:00 a.m., or after 9:00 p.m.?
... been called an extreme amount of times?

If one or any of these has happened, you are protected by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

In some cases, you can get monetary compensation, and of course, the cost for this service is free as the attorney will get paid by the collection company who didn't follow the law.

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