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“In spite of a bankruptcy, my credit score went from 540 to 748. Once my credit score improved… I went to get a new car and got a brand new Mercedes Benz with a payment of only $20 more than my Ford.”

Jimi Akiboh----Indianapolis, IN


“Since I acquired the 7 Steps to a 720 Credit Score and followed the steps, my wife and I got a car loan and knocked our interest rate down from 11 to 7 percent.”

Brad Bertram----Kaysville, UT


“If it weren’t for the 7 Steps system I’d still be renting an apartment and driving the old Honda. It would be a lot different financial situation for me. All things combined, I started to save over $1,000 per month after implementing the 7 Steps system.”

James Anderson----Provo, UT


“We followed Philip’s advice in 7 Steps to a 720 Credit Score and we were able to reduce our monthly payment by over $1,200 a month. It made life very, very manageable. It was the most important move I have made in the past 27 years.”

Bruce Gelber----Pasadena, CA


“Prior to using 7 Steps, I had tried everything from credit improvement companies to attorneys, and nothing worked for me. I followed Philip’s system and my score jumped to 718. I couldn’t believe it.”

Tim Michaels----Los Angeles, CA


“Once our credit jumped from 610 to over 720, we moved into a house that cost $100,000 more and our payments only went up by $50 per month!”

Shawn and Karlee Bucher----Kaysville, UT


“By increasing my score to 720, I saved thousands of dollars on my mortgage, car loan, and credit cards. What a phenomenal tool!”

Lee Camblin----Sandy, UT


“7 Steps to a 720 Credit Score really opened my eyes. The book gave me concrete and easy to follow advice on how to turn things around. For that alone, it was worth the investment. But the thing that struck me is that Philip really cares. He doesn’t just want more business. He genuinely wants to help people repair their credit, buy a home, and get the best rates. I only wish I lived in his area so he could be my mortgage broker.”

Sarah Baker----Bozeman, MT


“I recently went to buy a car, and was told that my credit score was only 619. That’s when I bought the 7 Steps to a 720 Credit Score System. I followed the 7 Steps and realized that I was one of the 80 percent of Americans that had an error on their credit report. I followed Philip’s advice and in three months my credit score jumped to 741! I am now saving $300 per month on my mortgage since refinancing with my new credit score. I’m such a believer that now I’m selling the program off my own website so I can spread the word and earn additional income.”

Jim Garland----Dulles, VA

Experts & Advisors


“One things for sure, Philip Tirone delivers more than he promises!”

Harvey Mackay----Phoenix, AZ


“I’ve been in the credit improvement business for twenty years and I have benefited from 7 Steps to a 720 Credit Score in improving my own credit.”

Allene Paige----Sandy, UT


“I have clients that are just a few hundred dollars short per month in their finances. By following 7 Steps to a 720 Credit Score, they are able to get a better rate on their car, home and credit card, which takes them from losing money each month, to saving money each month. It’s the best investment a person can make.”

David Fenton----Los Angeles, CA


“Due to 7 Steps to a 720 Credit Score, we were able to secure a loan at an interest rate that was 0.5% lower than what I would have paid if I didn’t follow Philip’s System… which equated to about $400 per month.”

Douglas Andrew----Salt Lake City, UT


“7 Steps to a 720 Credit Score is a clear and powerful process for reinventing oneself financially. It provides motivation for people trying to take control of their financial future. I would like to see all real estate agents read this book both for themselves and their clients.”

Floyd Wickman


“After recommending 7 Steps to my student and clients, I realized that I had to apply several of the steps myself!”

Michael Fiorina----Los Angeles, CA


“What’s so fantastic about the 7 Steps to 720 System, is that it’s a blueprint on how you can save a lot of money, each and every month.”

Christophe Choo----Beverly Hills, CA


“I’ve owned my company for 15 years, I’ve sold over $300,000,000 in Real Estate, I own my own mortgage company and I learned a lot by following the 7 Steps system.”

Anthony Marguleas----Los Angeles, CA


“Tirone’s book is a good overview of protecting and correcting your own credit. Good credit should be guarded by all, especially entrepreneurs. Become and remain bankable!”

William H. Crookston----Los Angeles, CA


“Managing your credit is one of the core secrets of success, which makes 7 Steps the perfect resource for people who have great credit, bad credit, or no credit at all. Tirone’s book teaches you everything you ever needed to know about credit.”

Jennifer Kushell

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Tell us how 720 Credit Score has changed your life. Be as brief or as detailed as you'd like.

  • Donna

    I like Philip Tirone’s message because it has improved my life. First a divorce with 3 kids, then uncooperative dad and no support, then bankruptcy and for easily the last 10 years have been unable to secure new credit for ANYTHING!, well began the course and took several of the initial steps and lo and behold an approved credit application. Finally, I might be able to look forward to setting my financial path in the right direction!

    • Philip Tirone

      Thank you Donna… Please keep us posted on your success.

  • Powerpoodle

    Is it life changing to have a newer car or bigger home and add an enormous amount of additional debt? Is this how we measure success? I believe the purpose of improving a financial situation is to learn planning and discipline to avoid future financial disasters. Success should e the ability to save for your child’s educations, help out your elderly parents or plan for a better retirement than social security (if it’s still available) will offer. A higher credit score is great to have if it provides the ability to offer better solutions, lower interest rates, obtain a mortgage, or refinance for better terms etc. rather than just add to existing debt for a shiny new car or unnecessary loan.

    • Philip Tirone

      Totally agree, thanks for sharing. If you could give us some examples, please provide.

  • Lynn Morell

    I filed for bankruptcy this year, it was discharged March 1st………as of today, October 20th, my FICO credit score is 620. Last month it was 680!! These are valid FICO credit scores from my bank.

    • Philip Tirone

      Great job!!!! Lynn – please keep me posted.

  • What a story Rob! Wow… thanks for sharing!

  • Thank you for being so transparent… your post will help many people in need, who are feeling like you. 🙂

  • Guest

    Just to be able to have a credit card again that allows me to reduce financing interests.
    I got the barclaycard, MC Platinum you recommended. Thank you, Philip.

  • Guest Poster

    I have been following your service for a few years now, knowing that we needed a plan and strategy to stay afloat. Last year I submitted a request for a local referral and I’m extremely happy with the results. We have retained this company to advise us and handle our situation(s) as they unfold.

    Having done this, my mind and thoughts became clearer and I am NOT total consumed with worry. In fact, with this new sense of calm I have developed an “Exit” plan of sorts. It has allowed me to think through several scenarios and come up with a 50 week plan. Each week that passes we are 2% closer to achieving our goal. As I write this we are rapidly approaching the 20% mark.

    We are working to improve our situation so that we can come to settlement/resolution but at least now I’m in a “better place” to manage the day-to-day.

    Since this is an on-going I cannot leave my name, but hopefully, I can come back with an update and signature.

    • Well said! Being “totally consumed with worry” is a very difficult place to be. Well done in taking action.

  • Mardio

    My name is Mardio M. I thought about being very detailed but then decided to keep it short so people will actually read it.

    Take the first step starting today and give yourself 6-24 months depending on the severity of your credit.

    I filled bankruptcy in Nov 2008, which was discharged in Feb 2009. My credit was so bad (low 500s) my local credit union wouldn’tlet me open a CHECKING account. Six months later after following the program I had improved my credit score over 120pts opened up the account and 7 months after that was approved for a $2000 unsecured loan and a $750 unsecured credit card.
    Thanks Phillip T and the 720 credit score team. Next stop a home mortgage which I though would never be possible after my bankruptcy for at least 5 years.

  • Jodi

    Hi Philip, your site really helped me as I had only Fair credit and was almost out of debt – only had a car payment and was renting. My score kept slipping down – so even though I was happy not to have credit cards for two years (didn’t think I could live without credit cards), the credit bureaus were not. I obtained a credit card that looked good for approval with fair credit and I love having the flexibility of spending money on it and paying it to zero every month. I am confident enough to get a 2nd card like you suggest knowing I can handle it. I won’t get 3 cards like you suggest, however, plan on making a big purchase (furniture) on installment. I hope to be at 720 or even 740 (my average grade when I was in debt up to my ears) in a year or year and a half. It’s kind of like a game that we have to play to get the best interest rates. Thank you for teaching me how to play the game.

  • Donna

    Still working on credit. Thanks for the wonderful advise.


    Hi Mr. Tirone,
    yes, i had used some of your advises and it has improved the big picture of my knowledge on how to help my family’s credit reports and some other friends. For instance, as for me, I open 3 other credit cards. One master card, one Discover and another visa card. A total of $6500. I can use them to expand my credit score, hopefully to hit 800 points in the coming months. Right now my credit is around 735.
    i don’t read all of your emails regularly, but I keep them as reference for when I have more time.
    i noticed your services are also expanding to offer other legal assistance, which i can probably use in the near future, for there are collecting companies calling me by mistake, when i don’t have an account with them, they are bugging me calling me over 10 times a day, when they know i am not the person they are looking for. So i recommend your service and advise very much, because now is the time to fix Americans’ credit before the laws in this country changes. God Bless you! Teresa Baeza

  • Tessa E

    By getting another credit card as suggested I apply got it and my scores went up and now I want to shot for 775

  • Chad K

    I became familar with 720 Credit Score about April 2013. At the time I asked for a recommendation for a bankruptcy attorney from Philip. I chose the Neeley Law Firm here in the Phoenix area and could not be happier.

    We probably could have easily filed bankruptcy but decided that we could make enough money on a monthly basis to make settlements on the debt owed. The debt had been acquired years ago from a business where I had personally guaranteed all the credit cards.

    Needless to say since then James our lawyer has negotiated around a $135,000 down to about $25,000. And $11,000 of that was a garnishment where my prior lawyer forgot to give me the right court date and they won by default.

    We have a couple more to go and are rebuilding our credit by each having a small card that we pay off every month.

    Chad K.
    Phoenix, AZ

  • Bruce M

    You taught me to not worry so much about negative items on my credit report but to focus on rebuilding by getting 3 to 5 new credit cards. Using that advice, my credit score went up 190 points in 6 months and 325 points in a little over a year. My score is now 745. Using my new score, I refinanced my mortgage to 3.875% and lowered my monthly payment over $400! Because of the savings on that alone, I paid off my credit cards and vehicles, so I no longer pay interest on anything (except my mortgage). Totally awesome! Blessing to you for your advice!

  • LeeAnn French

    Wow,I still am very blessed with all you have given us Philip,we just can’t begin to thank you for all your free advice. You have helped all of us tremendously. My children have good credit and I am beginning again after age 51 to being on the right path, just like a teenager starting from scratch with no credit and that’s ok it is so much nicer than bad credit. I never wanted any credit cards before and now I am going to be happy and careful with 3 cards for now. Thank you thank you and thank you Philip, God bless you for all you have given to us.

    • Thank you LeeAnn… It excites me to see how great you are doing.

  • Mary Christopherson

    After taking Phil’s course and following what he teaches, My score went from below 600 to 700 in a matter of weeks, Phillip’s program works!

  • Marcie

    The real estate bubble chewed me up; before that my credit score was in the high 70’s. I thought I would never recover after my Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Then I learned about what Philip Tyrone was doing and I took a step of faith and tried it. Here are my results so far: 4/13/12 Credit Score was 617, Poor. 2/4/14 Credit score is 696, Fair! A whole 79 point increase!
    The BK is still on my report but I’m on my way to recovery. Thank you Philip; your stuff works!

  • Anthony Cirrito

    THANK YOU!!!! 720 Credit Score is the real deal! The information in this program put the value of our credit scores into a whole new perspective for me. When I began applying the strategies from the (easy) step by step lessons, my score started to rise almost immediately. Within 40 days, I was up 70 points across all three bureaus! My score is still rising from some of strategies I call, “credit builder auto pilot”! Not only do these lessons help with the credit issues that we all have, (collections, divorce ,bankruptcy, errors, etc..) the strategies about building my childrens’ credit early, so they will be ready for whats to come, and help them put their best foot forward are awesome! 720 Credit Score is crammed full of invaluable knowledge, and guidance!

    I would also like to thank Philip Tirone. If you have ever had the chance to speak with him, or join in on a Q&A conference,
    then you know he can’t hide the passion he has for what he does, his family, or helping others. Although the program is about our credit, sometimes the advise on the Q&As was very motivating to change not just my score, but also to be a better person. You ( without even knowing it ) helped me be a better husband and father.
    Thank you Mr. Philip Tirone 🙂

    • Thank you Anthony. I have to give all the credit to you, as you took action. The second to last line you wrote is the most meaningful, thank you.

  • rsay

    I spread out the balances on my 3 credit cards at 50% of the credit limit and my score went from mid 600 to 729. I am very thankful I found his website through dean graciozi. Thank you so much

    • Great job! An example of following Lesson 3 perfectly.

      • Rsay

        Thank you Mr. Tirone and more power to you!!!

  • Heather M. Long

    I’m grateful for the 720 credit score program. It’s given me the information needed to monitor my credit reports and raise my credit scores.

    Thanks Philip, your program is priceless!

  • Phillip,

    All I can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

    By applying your principles, in one month my FICO scores went from 669, 676, 695, to 743, 753, 766. In one month! I thought I’d hit 720 in 3 months or so. I had no idea I could exceed that in just one. I didn’t have any negative items on my credit report, my problem was that I no longer used credit, except for my mortgage, two car loans, and one credit card with a high balance. So I paid my credit card off and opened one more. I only use them for gas now. I wish you could see the look on my face this morning when I ordered another credit report. I actually woke up my wife because I was so shocked. Happily shocked.

    Thanks again,

  • Annabelle

    Thank you for your course Philip.
    Transunion and Equifax are the Canadian places to find credit information.
    I pulled the Transunion score today and it is 731.
    The Equifax is a little lower 652 today due to high utilization.
    So I will see how it changes the next thirty days.

  • Mary Murphy

    Hi, Philip,

    Although my score was already high, I learned many valuable things about credit – especially the importance of keeping all your charges less than 30% of the line of credit. Also, I found it interesting to know how the credit game works! Thanks for a great course because I think it helps many people with problems much bigger than mine. Keep up the good work!

  • William

    Phil I completed your 720credit score course a few months ago and it gave me a wealth of knowledge to use to increase my credit score.A few days ago I decided to go to my Credit Union and apply for a car loan but was turned down because of a few items that were on my credit from Experian. I’m now going to request for a free report from Experian and begin to work on raising that score first before I work on the other two Trans Union and Equifax. Now I saw erros on my report also and I will be working to correct those also. Now question about Statue of Limitations on things that have been on my report. I have Judgements and other things that should be coming off but when I last looked that have not fallen off. What can I do about that?

  • My TransUnion FICO score has risen 30 points since I started the course, and the only things I’ve done, has opened 2 secured cards. Now, however, I’ll be able to open unsecured cards. I still have disputes pending with my cards (reporting errors of late payments AFTER I had filed bankruptcy, which I have yet to resolve and I expect the scores to get better in time, once I have a longer history of paying the 30% rule, and on time, NEVER missing a payment. Great course and thank you, Philip and Natalie!

  • Davedish

    Hi, Philip! Your recent blog post on Collections reminded me to share my own story regarding that issue, and how important your statement “The best way to handle delinquent debt is to pay it, right? Wrong!” really is! I picked up an erroneous collection a couple of years ago that quite surprised me since I had never missed a payment with the company involved. The first I heard of the problem was after the dispute was passed to an agency who started barraging me with automated phone calls (at that point, the collection was already on my credit report). After reviewing your collections lesson, I drafted a Letter of Verification exactly as your template described and sent it to the collector with return receipt requested.

    I received the return receipt very quickly; however, even after waiting a few months, I did not hear anything from the company. Per your further instructions, I was about to send another letter to request to have the collection removed since I had received no response. But prior to doing so, I decided to run my report again to see what the current status was – and they had already removed it from my report! Needless to say, I was quite pleased, and now all of my scores are over 720. I would like to add another credit card or two, but plan to hold off for a bit since my Loan to Value rating is quite poor right now! I have no doubt, however, that I’m now well on my way to a stellar score thanks to what I have learned in your course!

    I think my experience is an excellent example of what can happen when you stand up to a bully…quite often they will immediately back down if you call their bluff! I agree with you, Philip, that one should be responsible for paying his bills. But mistakes and unscrupulous behavior are everywhere – don’t take them lying down!


  • K Blackman

    Work In Process!
    I filed Bankruptcy in August of 2014 And my FICO was 540. It is April of 2015, and it is 629. I just recently opened an personal loan at the credit union. So I am hoping to see it grow from there. I will update you all as I progress, but I am so thankful!

  • Yevgeniy

    I Sign up and no one have contacted me for months.
    I guess this 720 program is not existing any longer. Sad.

    • Hello – I am very sorry about this and sorry for the delay getting back to you. I cannot locate your account. Could you please send me an email at and I can get you dialed in right away.

      Thank you,
      Natalie Sanchez
      Customer Service

  • George

    As a real estate agent I always get people that sadly,do not know much about credit , so it is a whole journey, sometimes, to get them qualified for a house. I paid the few hundred dollars for Phil’s “720 credit” course but I never regreted it. It was well worth the investment. Not only it helped me personnaly understand the concepts but the joy that you see on someone’s face when they move into their first home, when 7 months earlier they couldn’t even get a credit card is overwhelming and empowering!!

    I also used secured credit lines for faster credit building, it works everytime. 🙂

    Why don’t they teach this in Highschool? I m trying to find a way to help kids in my community with the principles of credit, personal finances, work ethic and so on.

    Thank you Phil! God bless!

  • Kevin

    I went from no FICO score to 700 in about 6 months, now I’m up to 740 in just under a year. Thanks Phil!

  • George Kiriakidi

    I hired Phillip at a time when I was struggling financially and didn’t really have the money to pay the fee. I scraped the money together and it turns out that this was THE BEST MOVE I COULD HAVE MADE. My credit score is now well over 700 and I am able to get loans and credit cards without any trouble. THANK YOU PHILLIP for all of your help and that of your firm.

  • Linda Hall

    I want to share how Philip Tirone and 720 CreditScore has changed my life. I am a Dean Graziozi student and he recommended his students to Philip about 6 years ago. I signed up with 720 and listened to all his calls, I even called in once or twice myself with questions and implemented small changes to my credit. But recently I decided to take what I learned from Philip and get serious and wow did it change my credit score in just a few short months. I wish I would have taken it more seriously quite a few years ago!! Thank you Philip and the team at 720!!!

  • LA

    Simply put, it works!

  • William Scott

    Phil I completed your 720 credit program last year 2014. However when I began your program you told us to go to our credit union and open a small installment loan which I did for $600 and I was able to pay it off successfully. However I discovered that my credit union only reported to Experian. After learning that I was was not too happy and really didn’t know what to do. At this point I am doing all I can to increase my score by getting my secured Master Card with Capital One with a $400 credit limit now paying off the balance every month on time. I’m in the process of disputing the the items on my credit report with the bureaus as to how they verify the accounts as far as the FCRA say that the bureaus must verify, buy actually having the document in their data base that I filled out with the actual creditor. I found out that the Fair Credit Reporting ACT states that the reporting agencies must have these documents and they don’t.

  • Tabitha Adams

    I watched the 720 Credit score videos and it made it clear to me what I needed to do. I was told all you need is 1 credit card and then I realized my score didn’t move much. Then I got 2 and the limits were small so no big impact. Since I got 3 I’ve noticed an impact of improvement.

    • And it will continue to get better and better, easier and easier.

  • Namal De Silva

    The advice in the 7 Steps To A 720 Credit Score program works, my credit scores are all over 600 and climbing. Thank you Phillip!

  • WN

    I originally signed up for the 7 Steps to 720 program in October 2010. Through slowly implementing Philip’s recommended steps and having some derogatory “repair” I went from a score of around 640 to now having around 670 with TransUnion and 750 with Experian. This has allowed me to qualify for the best rate with my credit union of 1.74% on a used auto loan for the first time in my life! This loan will allow me to help my wife replace her car which was recently a total loss in a collision. Philip’s course completely shifted my mindset in regards to credit and gave me more confidence in decisions about my credit including when to cancel to cards if ever, what types of accounts to apply for, what type of credit offers to accept, and (possibly most important) what type of credit offers to turn down and why. Thanks Philip for all of your help in reaching my credit score goals!

    -W. N. (Los Angeles, CA)

  • WN

    Correction to my testimonial. My score with TransUnion is around 760. Thanks!

  • Josh

    Please let me know the steps to removing a public record off my credit report?

    • I’m sorry, I missed this post. Please review in the program or contact our customer service department. Thank you.

  • Tamara Collins

    I don’t know how to thank Philip & his team for the invaluable information I’ve learned through this program! My Bankruptcy was discharged less than 2 months ago and I already have 3 new credit cards (one of which has already raised my credit limit – TOTAL SHOCK), and a new car! I wouldn’t have even known or thought to apply for new credit this soon if not for this program. I’ve even had to use one of the Template letters to dispute an incorrect item that’s being reported since the Bankruptcy. I will continue to check my FICO reports and scores every 3 – 6 months, and I look forward to watching my credit score climb! Thanks so much, Philip!!

    • You did it, we just pointed you in the right direction. Onward!

  • Joy Blandford

    Hi I am in better place then before I started the program. I am more knowledgeable on how to negotiate when applying for credit and how to watch out for the pitfalls!
    Joy Blandford

  • Greta

    I have just graduated and I know that I now have the necessary tools to become financially successful. I only got two credit cards and I have been closely watching my credit score. My score is steadily increasing. Thank you so very much for your service and I am looking forward to a much brighter future.

    • Thank you Greta. Now you can pass this information on to your friends and family members… so nobody will have to suffer from a poor credit score again.

  • nabi

    I need $50000 loan for buy home.
    Can you asist me?
    Please response

    • I’m sorry, we don’t offer loans, only advice on how to rebuild your credit score. Thank you for writing.

  • Earline Tate

    As always, the information you send is awesome. I appreciate you taking the time to educate me on my credit score, I’m working on it, thank you so much!

  • Myra

    I took your advice and got unsecured cards (4). My score shot up to 730 in no time. I’d waited more than 15 years to even try to restore my credit after divorce and losses of all kinds. Thank you so much.

  • Myra

    Oh one more thing. I have the opportunity to get a personal loan at 9.9% and it’s enough to pay off my medical bill and a couple of credit cards. Is this a wise thing to do?

  • Ann

    Maybe I’m doing something wrong. I filed for bankruptcy 9/2017 and I can’t even get approved for a secured credit card. It seems like I wasted time an money on this program.

  • HARR

    I started the 7 Steps program about 2 years ago with a credit score in the low 500’s and, slowly but surely my credit score began to improve as I implemented the lesson/steps. Now my score is in the middle 700’s and climbing! THANK YOU Phillip

  • Gary king

    Philip. I have benefited greatly by following your advice. Filed for bankruptcy and discharged August 2016. I have 2 credit cards with one coming off secured in March 2017. Purchased a Ford 150 with 9.99 interest rate and dealer said I could trade it in in 1 Year and get 3%. Have secured bank loan and will pay off in 7 months boosting my score to near 700. Thanks.

  • Tom Mitchell

    I was dogged by a medical company that sent info to the credit bureaus that I owed $195. There was never any address or phone number. My credit score went down about 200 points. So, I challenged each credit bureau to give me information about the company and the specific bill. After 6 months of sending the same letter to each credit bureau the negative mark dropped off. My credit score went to almost 700. Also, I got a credit card (just one) for the first time in 7 years. They gave me a $4000 credit line. I made sure I paid it off monthly. 3 years later my credit line is $28,500 and my Fico score has been consistently between 790 and 810.
    My Fico score has never been this high! Thank you Phillip.

  • LaTonia

    I started out with a credit score of 580. Thanks to you for teaching me how to increase my credit score and how many credit cards I should have, helped me tremendously. My credit score is now at 690 and climbing. Another point is as I lower my credit limits, the more my score will increase. Because of this I have purchased my first car in my own name with financing at 7.5%. I also learned from the program the difference between a credit score and Fico score. My Fico score was high enough for me to purchase my car without being destroyed from high interest rates. I am continuing to apply your techniques in increasing my scores. One more thing. I also applied for a credit card from Capital one and was approved. Using the program is what helped me regain control of my credit after filing Bankruptcy. Thank you so much!!

  • Rob

    My credit was well below 600. Now it’s over 100 points higher. I was able to get a car through CarMax when I needed it. I am now going to help my daughter establish credit for the first time, the right way. Great information and completely accurate and useful. Would highly recommend.

  • dorinda shaw

    The information you shared with all of us for free is invaluable. I followed your plan after my BK in 2014 and purchased a new home in 2016 obtaining a 3% interest rate for my home loan. Thank you so much, my life is better and so is my credit rating,

    • Philip Tirone

      That’s exciting!

  • Al

    This was a great course and Def put me on the fast track to a good credit score. I got a 700 credit score in less than 1 yr. Very easy course and simple instructions.

  • DeDe Jenkins

    I learned that it is possible to have a Collections deleted from my report, also the importance of doing a pay for deletion of a Collection. Also not owing more than 30% of the credit limit on a card helps to increase the FICO score. Finally that I can monitor my credit score myself weekly to keep track of it.

  • Scott 2

    I want to thank Philip & crew for all the valuable info provided, (much generously for free), that helped me get over a big hump & in good shape.
    I was hit hard by the recession, as were many, got behind on some debt, and my credit began to take a big dive. I did work with one credit company who helped me reduce my monthly payment, and worked a settlement to pay-off another.
    I also had to purchase a different car, and the only company who’d give me a loan, did so at 22% simple interest, a very tough loan to payoff, (even after many years, I still owed a lot more than the car was worth, frustrating indeed, even after paying $100+ more each pymt.).
    After reeling from the fallout, I found 720 Credit Score and began incorporating the principles Philip teaches, (including that fact that it’s going to take some time, but worth it). I obtained a secured “health card” to use at the dentist a bit, (I only received $800 limit, but it was a start). I got current on my other debts,
    My credit slowly worked it’s way back up from 520 or there abouts. I was able to obtain a regular credit card, which I only used a few times, keeping no balance.
    Yesterday I found out my credit is now 700, (I almost couldn’t believe it!), and have been approved for a $20k loan, (120% of the value of he car w/ no down, if I desire). I’m not crazy about another loan, but this gives me the opportunity to get out of my super high interest car loan, sell it, and get another car with a reasonable interest rate.
    Of course our mental state is important, and we have to shift to “feeling: more abundant, knowing that there’s More than enough for me, and everyone else.

    Thanks for folks like Philip, and some patients & diligence, I’m well on my way to financial well-being.
    Regards in gratitude, Scott, Palm Springs, Ca.

  • Myranda Simmons

    I filed for bankruptcy last year because I needed a fresh start. I was 34 then and I really didn’t have a true understanding of how credit worked. All I knew is that mine was horrible and that I had made bad decisions when I was younger that had effected my current situation and the identity theft didn’t help things either. Anyway, after I was discharged, I had no clue how to regain credit, so my lawyer referred me to this program. I am extremely grateful for that. It has taught me so much about credit and what to do to increase my score. I don’t feel so lost anymore, plus with my kids coming of age, I can teach them about credit before they go off to college. I want them to have a thorough understanding of credit and fico score so hopefully they will not make the same mistakes I did as a college student. Thank you Mr. Tirone for sharing this program.

  • Pam C

    I found the 720 Credit Score program to really help me accelerate my recovery from bankruptcy! At about 3 years from discharge I was able to get a 4.5% mortgage and have since refinanced down to 3.25% and bought a new car with a 1.9% rate. I was amazed it happened in so short an amount of time thanks to Philip’s program. I have recommended it to others.

  • Mike and Marsha Supranovicz

    First of all I would like to thank you for all the wonderful information. I tell people that there is so much to learn about credit bureau scores, and how to raise them, that most people do not know. We filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy last July, got our discharge in November and have now finished our lessons and new lessons, which I enjoyed very much, along with the extra credit lessons. It is all so interesting and great information to live by. I have send certified letters out to the three credit bureaus to rectify any errors that I could find, and am waiting to get replies. We each have 3 new credit cards and an installment loan, thru this course. I’m not sure I have done all I can regarding our FICO credit scores. Knowing that I can get a review from you if I need to, is very important to me. This has been a fantastic course and I would recommend it highly to everyone. It can truly change your life, and your knowledge obtained is priceless! Again, Thank You So Much!!!

  • JoAnne

    Chapter 13 bankruptcy discharged in December 2016. You too can achieve solvency in quick order with the help of the 720 CreditScore Program–we are back to 720 within nine months. It takes work and belief in the prospect of achieving. Rely on the expertise of all at 720 especially Phil, who so personally wants each client to succeed. DO THE WORK! (absorbing each of the 14 computer modules); particpate in Phil’s monthly telephone sessions, utilize the installment program offered, open three charges paying within 30% limit on time reportable to all three credit entities. What you don’t initially know is that with the credit installment program offered, you will ALSO have expert help in correcting any credit report errors. Even to, if needed, referral to a competent attorney for difficult corrections. Life happens. Noone would ask to go through the bankruptcy process; but we can learn in and from it to be better consumers and persons contributing to society. Thank you all at 720 Credit!!!

  • Tekoyia Brisco

    The program offers good information and tips. However it did not help me in any way. I’ve followed the first steps and have continously been denied for every credit situation I’ve applied for. I was able to get approved for a secured product using my vehicle as collateral, but paying well over 1200.00$ in interest for the 9 month loan. I have made way to contact the person for this program through the attorney I used for my BK, but never received a call back or follow up. It’s been 3 months since my discharge and I’m still at a 492 for credit score. Secured products (cards) with deposits are even declining my application. I refuse to pay 50 or 60 bucks for the 720 credit reporting product as it does not leave me with a line of credit and once those 12 payments are made the reporting stops. So in my opinion a waste of money but good idea. Again this program offers great materials and tips.,they just haven’t worked for me. The customer service return calls could be better but at this point it is what it is.

  • Tabitha

    My husband and I filed for chapter 13 bankruptcy back in 2012. We were discharged June of this year and we didn’t know how to get our credit back on track or even what to look for as far as inaccuracies on our report post discharge. 720 really educated us on how the credit system really works. Everything has not been fixed yet and our score has already went up 15 points so far. We applied for the 3 credit cards and our mortgage is our installment loan. I can only imagine what it will be once all of our disputes have been addressed. Thanks to Philip and his team for what you all do. The lawyer that you all referred us to found things that I didn’t even know was being reported incorrectly. You all are Awesome! Thank you for what you do!