Build Credit: 10 Best Websites For Frugal Living

Creating personal wealth isn’t always about making more money. Sometimes it’s about spending less or spending smart as well. That’s where paying attention to ways you can economize not only your purchases, but also your time and your experiences can offer big rewards.
It’s true that for some the word frugal can bring up negative connotations. However, living frugally doesn’t have to mean you need to penny-pinch or live like a miser hoarding your money. True frugal lifestyles are about finding ways to get the best life has to offer at the cheapest or most “frugal” prices possible. It means making informed decisions about where and when you spend your money. If your goal is to get out of debt, or get ahead financially, finding ways to decrease your spending is going to be quite helpful.
With this in mind, below is a list of favorite websites that help promote frugal lifestyle choices and spending habits.
Frugal Living
There are hundreds (possibly even thousands) of ways to make your everyday life more efficient and profitable. From saving money with your nightly dinner meal to time saving tips that help you get more done, these sites will help you stash away some much-needed dough.
Learn all the ins and outs of creating your meals on a budget.
Frugal Village
Everything from frugal living to frugal cooking tips.
Make Better Choices
Nothing’s worse than that sinking feeling of overspending or feeling like we’ve gotten duped. Avoid common pitfalls by doing some research first with these sites.
Check all the prices of gas in your local area to find the best deals.
Make sure the hotel you booked is actually what’s being offered by browsing through the reviews of locations at
Angie’s List
Worried about doctor, a contractor or even a local business? Check out Angie’s List first to get reviews by other members on virtually every type of business. Caveat: This is a paid for membership site based on where you live. Most yearly fees are below $40.00.
Discounts & Coupons
It may feel annoying waiting while they ring up all your coupons, but when that savings gets you an extra tank of gas each week, you won’t mind the extra time spent.
Retail Me Not
Want great stuff from your favorite stories, but don’t want to pay full price? This site features coupon codes from all of the top retailers.
Less flashy than Retail Me Not, offers coupons and special offers from a wide selection of online retailers. The categories covered are quite extensive, featuring coupons for everything from computers to baby products.
Want to save money on the products you already buy? This site allows you to search by your zip code for coupons available at stores in your area.
The Grocery Game
Like having the inside scoop on local deals? The Grocery Game does just that. They provide you a list of savings from grocery stories in your area so you know where to buy what at the cheapest prices. This is a membership site that charges $10 every 8 weeks. However, you can try it for four weeks free.
Daily Deals
Sometimes deals so great come by that you have to swoop them up. This is the thought process behind daily deal sites. Each day, you’re only offered one deal at an extremely discounted rate. If it’s something you’ll use, you’ll gain significant savings from taking advantage of the offer.
In addition to their main daily deal site they also have sites dedicated to specific products such as shirts, wine and kids.
Want to book a local hotel for a discount rate? How about trying that new restaurant? Groupon is an excellent service for finding daily deals on services and products locally.
These are a few of our favorites. Take a few minutes and share yours!