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Most people think it takes seven to ten years to improve lousy credit, but the truth is that you can have a great credit score in 12 or 24 months ... even if you went through a bankruptcy, a foreclosure, a repossession, and a short sale yesterday! ... even if you have dozens of collection accounts on your credit report.

Credit Education Course

After studying tens of thousands of credit reports, we identified the quickest and easiest ways to rebuild your credit score drastically. Our credit education course, 7 Steps to a 720 Credit Score, teaches you how to implement these credit strategies in about 15 or 20 minutes a week.

Here’s what makes our program different: We aren’t trying to game the system. We don’t do anything unethical. Over the course of three months, you will simply take a few easy action steps so that your score improves naturally.

In just one or two years, you will have a great credit score and:

  • Qualify for the best credit cards with low interest rates and great rewards.
  • Save thousands of dollars on your car and home loans.
  • Refinance existing debt to lower your monthly payments.
  • Never again feel worried and ashamed when lenders, landlords, or employees pull your credit report.

This self-directed course is available to students who have been enrolled by a debt professional, such as a bankruptcy attorney or negotiator. Otherwise, it is available as part of the Credit Rebuilder Program.

Bite-Sized Lessons

Our program consists of a handful of instructional videos that are available through our secure credit portal. The tutorials are ten to fifteen minutes long, and you’ll spend about ten more minutes implementing the simple steps for raising your credit score.

Action Guides

Our videos are accompanied by short, easy-to-follow action guides that are just a couple of pages long. Our action guides are packed with powerful information, like a 153-word letter that you can use to help your score jump 20 to 40 points.

This is

This is Linda

When Linda found us, she had been struggling for as long as she could remember. She had two repossessed cars, a short sale, multiple collection accounts, and a bankruptcy. But that all changed when she found 720 Credit Score. These days, her credit score consistently ranges from 770 to 790, making her qualified for the best interest rates and loans available.

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Have questions or need more info? Please read the most frequently asked questions below.
  • When will my training start once I get enrolled?

    Right away. You should have already received an email from with your login information. The subject of this email is “720 Credit Score Login Details.” This email will direct you to a portal that contains all the lessons you need to raise your credit score to 720.

    You can watch the videos at the speed that works for your schedule, just make sure you have completed your training within 6-months of this email (12-months for our Credit Rebuilder Clients).

  • I don’t have a lot of time... what do you recommend?

    Watch the first three videos... if that is all you can do, you can still rebuild your credit score to 720.

  • Can my wife, kids and family use my login.

    Absolutely.  Feel free to share your membership with your family.

  • How much work is involved?

    Not much. Each video is about 3-8 minutes long. If you did nothing but watched the Welcome Video and implemented the action items from the first three videos of the regular series, your credit score would start to increase, and in 12 to 24 months, you will have a 720 credit score (this is assuming your credit is currently very poor).  This would require about one hour of your life to watch the videos and complete the action items. 

  • What is the difference between this program and credit repair programs?

    Credit Repair programs charge between $69-$119 per month for their service, and it doesn’t always work.  7 Steps is credit education, and if you follow these techniques, your credit score will go up every time.

  • What if I have REALLY bad credit as a result of bankruptcy, foreclosure, or some other financial meltdown? Will the program still work?

    Absolutely! My system works for every credit situation, especially for people with a bankruptcy, foreclosure, or other financial problem.  A bankruptcy will stay on your credit report for ten years, and a foreclosure will stay on for seven years. However, by going through our program, you will learn how to rebuild your credit score to 720 in as little as 12 to 24 months. This is years sooner than if you waited for the bankruptcy or foreclosure to fall off your credit report. And it’s five years faster for a foreclosure.

  • Should I buy my credit score before I start the program?

    No! Save your money. We prefer that you don’t pull your credit report or buy your credit score until have reviewed the lesson about where to buy your score.  We do not want you to make the mistake of pulling your information from the wrong place. The program will teach you where to get the best credit report and credit score.

  • I have no credit score, will this program still work?

    Most likely, this means that you have never been granted credit from a company that reports to the credit bureaus.  From a lender’s perspective, no credit is just as bad as poor credit, so you should start building your credit using the strategies we suggest in the videos.

    Yes, our program will still work, and the good news is that your program will go up faster than people with a low credit score.

  • What if I apply for a secured credit card and am denied (Lesson 2)?

    One of two things is likely going on:

    1. You filled out the application wrong.
    2. You qualify for a regular credit card, which is better than a secured credit card.

    You can resolve either issue by calling the credit card company. Remember, a secured credit card requires you to pay a deposit that is equal to or greater than the balance, so you will never be denied due to a bad credit score.

    In fact, secured credit cards are specifically designed for people with bad credit. You shouldn’t be denied, so if you are, something is fishy, and you should call the credit card company and ask for details.

  • I already have a high credit score. How can I benefit from this program?

    The program can benefit someone with a good credit score in a few ways:

    Millions of people have mistakes on their credit reports. In fact, almost half of credit card companies out there misreport information. This inaccurate info can cause your score to drop suddenly and drastically. Should an error ever creep onto your report, the course can help you identify and correct these errors right away.

    This course helps build “deep roots” of credit.”  The deeper your roots, the more secure your score. You might have a 720 credit score, but if your roots aren’t deep, one blemish can make the score drop. On the other hand, if you have deep roots, your score won’t dip as drastically if you make one late payment.

    Finally, you will have accurate information so that you can protect and maintain your score. We’ve learned that there are a lot of myths out there. People might do something like open joint accounts with their spouse, not recognizing that it could hurt their score. From a purely educational point of view, the benefit is that you will have and know the information so that you can apply the best strategy throughout your life.

  • How fast will I see my credit score go up?

    In general, you should have a 720 credit score in 12 to 24 months, but this depends on what your score is right now, and how quickly you can implement the steps. 

    If your score is currently 650, you will have a 720 credit score much faster than if you have a 500.  

    If nothing else, make sure you watch the first three lessons.
    Regardless, you will start saving money at each credit milestone. For instance, if your score is 550, you can refinance when your score hits 620, and again when it hits 680, and again when it hits 720 and 750.

  • Why is a 720 credit score so important?

    720 is the lowest score you need to be considered a great borrower. Let me repeat: A 720 credit score is the lowest score you need to ensure great rates. By following this system, your credit score will eventually be at 750, 775, or over 800. This is ideal because it prevents your score from dropping due to an unforeseen event, like an error or accidental late payment.

  • I have a question about my personal credit that hasn’t been answered. Is there someone I can talk to?

    Yes!  You will be invited to join our live question and answer sessions. Before each call, you will receive a reminder email containing the call-in information.

  • How do I get the most out of the program?

    Get engaged, post a profile picture, watch every video and make comments!  

  • How long do I have to complete the program?

    You have six months to complete the program or 12-months for our Credit Rebuilder clients.  That doesn’t mean you will have a 720 credit score in that time (although you may), however, if you take all the proper steps, you will be on your way to a 720 credit score.