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Credit After Bankruptcy or Foreclosure - If you have been through a bankruptcy, foreclosure, or other major financial meltdown, you might be shocked to learn that you can have a great credit score in 12 or 24 months … but only if you take the right steps. Download this ebook to learn how.

35 Things the Banks Don’t Want You to Know – It works like this: The worse your credit score, the more money you will pay the banks in interest. Download this free book to learn insider secrets the banks hope you never find out.

Getting a Home When the Banks Aren’t Lending –A great credit score is a big part of getting a home loan, but it isn’t the only thing. Download this ebook to learn how to persuade lenders to approve your loan application, even when the lending environment is tough and your credit score isn’t perfect.

Getting a Car When the Banks Aren’t Lending – What should you do if the banks aren’t lending, but you need a car loan? Download this free ebook to learn more.

10 Biggest Credit Mistakes to Avoid – Are you making one of them? Find out here.