How to Remove a Bankruptcy From Credit Report

Question: Can you give me the specifics on how to remove a bankruptcy from credit report?
Answer: This blog post is going to be completely different than every other blog about how to remove a bankruptcy from credit report.
Let me begin with one assumption: Your bankruptcy is legitimate, meaning that you are not some victim of identity theft whereby the bankruptcy on your credit report belongs to someone else.
With that assumption, here is my answer: You cannot get it removed, and you should not worry about getting it removed. Let me explain.
1) You don’t need to learn how to remove a bankruptcy from credit report. Most people think that after bankruptcy, your credit is ruined for seven years.  That is simply not true.  If you reestablish your credit properly after bankruptcy, you can have a 720 Credit Score in just two years after the bankruptcy.
2) If you go through the process of finding out how to remove a bankruptcy from credit report, you will run into lots of unscrupulous organizations who will charge you to have the bankruptcy removed. The organizations that tell you that they can remove a bankruptcy from your credit report often offer a “100% money back guarantee.” The truth is that you won’t be able to get your money back. There are no legal ways to remove a legitimate bankruptcy from your credit report, so save you money and avoid these scams.
3) That’s right, it is illegal. According to the FTC, it’s illegal to get an item off your credit report that is correct.
Here is the one simple solution that works every time:  Reestablish your credit after a bankruptcy the same way you established credit the first time.  Just start now, don’t wait even one day.
Learning how to fix credit is simple, just keep in mind that it’s going to take you between 18-24 months to get a credit score over 720 assuming you do it the right way.  The biggest mistake people make is wiping their hands of all credit.
I would love to offer (free of charge) my video series on how to build credit and reestablish credit after bankruptcy. If you find my information valuable, then you can enroll into my program on establishing credit after bankruptcy.