Lily Tirone and I hauled 3 kids through security…

Would I rather be glad I bought the latest iPhone, or be glad I saved money for a vacation so that I can relax with my amazing wife Lily Tirone?

That’s the question I posed last week, when I suggested that you ask yourself a simple question before making a spending decision …
At the end of my life, would I rather have this or that? (If you missed this post, you can read it here.)
This is Part 2 … a follow up on last week’s post. I wrote it on Tuesday because a lot of people pointed something out …
This question can be applied more broadly and expanded beyond the topic of finances. It can be asked to guide the choices we make and determine whether these choices are in line with our life values.
This week, something came up that hit home for me …
My wife (Lily Tirone) and I are taking our kids to the Bahamas.
I want you to have a little taste of what my family looks like, so I’ve posted a picture below. My oldest, Ava, is five. Dominic is almost four, and Luke is about two and a half.

At any rate, this is a really special vacation because it is probably the last time the Tirone family will take a vacation together … just the five of us.
See, Lily is about three months pregnant, so in six months, Baby #4 will be here, and the Tirones will be a family of six!
Now, if you are a parent, you can probably imagine what it’s like getting the Tirone family through the airport. Lily and I have three car seats, a triple stroller, bags of baby gear, books for the kids to read, toys … the list goes on and on.
Lily and I basically look like pack mules, and no one ever wants to be behind us in the security line. Frankly, it’s kind of a nightmare.
It’s really tough traveling with three young kids, and both Lily and I have had thoughts of not going … it would be a lot more convenient to just stay home.
But if we stayed home, I’d inevitably end up working. I know I would. In the Bahamas, I’ll turn off my cell phone. I won’t check my email. I’ll tell my staff to call the hotel room only if someone is bleeding.
The Tirone family of five will be able to spend some really special quality together-time.
And at the end of my life, I’m going to say, “I’m sure glad I spent that time with my kids and with Lily. I’m glad Lily and I hauled my unruly young kids through security line and suffered the headaches.”
If we decided to skip the vacation, I’m positive that I would never look back and say, “Boy, I sure wish I hadn’t gone on vacation with my family and had stayed home and worked instead.”
Every single time we take a vacation together, our family grows closer and closer.
In fact, when I come back, I’ll tell you what I learned on this trip!
For now, I just want to encourage you to remember to make choices — financial or otherwise — that reflect what you want long-term. These choices might be inconvenient in the short-term, but if they honor your life values, you won’t look back and regret them!
If you have any thoughts about this, or if you want to share your stories, be sure to post a comment below!
Philip Tirone