60 Minutes Exposes The Truth About The Bureaus, by 720 Credit Score

Did you see the horrifying 60-Minutes special on how you have been a victim of the credit-scoring bureaus? Even if you want to build a 720 credit score, the bureaus are standing in your way!
I say that the 60-Minutes report was horrifying because it revealed just how corrupt the system is. People like you are being taken advantage of by the credit-scoring bureaus, who have no interest at all in helping you build a 720 credit score.
In fact, the credit-scoring bureaus are negligent when it comes to protecting people’s rights.
When I founded 720 Credit Score dot com, I wanted to help people fight the system. I’ve exposed a lot of the rules of credit scoring so that people can build a 720 credit score, despite the secrecy of the credit-scoring bureaus.
And over the past few months, I’ve been working with attorneys on another way to fight the system …
A system that practically reaches into your pockets and steals your hard-earned money by imposing artificially high interest rates…
I’ve been working with attorneys because it has come to my attention that you might be able to sue the credit-scoring bureaus.
The credit-scoring bureaus are required by law to make a reasonable attempt to protect your credit file. But guess what?
Their attempts are pathetic. The lower your credit score, the more money made by the credit-scoring bureaus’ clients (banks and credit card companies)! So there is a good chance that the credit-scoring bureaus have artificially lowered your credit score due to their negligence.
Please keep your eyes peeled because in the coming weeks, I’m going to show you how to fight back…
If you want to watch the 60 Minutes episode, click here