A Decade of Gratitude

A decade ago, I was in the mortgage business. Back then, the banks were handing out loans like candy during a parade …
Bad credit? No problem!
No job, no savings, and bad credit? No problem!
As we now know, all sorts of people were getting into loans they couldn’t afford. From where I was sitting, it just didn’t feel right.
So I refused to be part of the problem. I told my clients: “When the rates change and the real estate cycle matures, you won’t be able to afford that loan. Let’s get your credit score up so you can qualify for a loan with better rates.”
It started with just a few clients here and there. I helped them improve their scores, and in short order, they could afford a loan.
Today, about 11,000 people have been through my credit-improvement program. I have another 50,000 people who subscribe to my credit-education list.
And you know what? Even though I’m a long way away from my goal, it feels right …

I feel like I’m on the right side of the equation—helping people take control of their finances and their future.
So it seems appropriate that today, the day of counting our blessings, I say thank you.

Thank you for reading my emails.

Thank you for telling your friends and family members about my program.

And thank you for your feedback.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Philip Tirone