A dirty business…

I’m talking about my business. It’s an ugly, tough, dirty one. Despite the fact that a lot of people desperately need my service, most people think credit is boring…
And those who aren’t bored by credit repair are often scared. They bury their heads in the sand because they just don’t want to deal with their credit problems.
So getting the word out there to the 10 million people who need credit repair?
Well, like I said, it’s a tough and ugly business.
But recently, I had an epiphany that I know will help you get out of a financial mess.
First, some background…
Because I spent so much time figuring out how to spread the word about my program, a lot of my friends and colleagues ask me to help them with their business models…
After all, if a credit guy can do it, a “prettier” business can do it!
So I was recently meeting with a colleague of mine to discuss his marketing strategy. My company has been writing the weekly emails he sends to his list …
And after sending just six emails, he earned an additional $60,000!
Wow! That’s $10,000 per email.
And all he had to do was ask his existing clients and colleagues for referrals.
All he had to do was ask.
Now, this guy is really sophisticated. In fact, he’s one of the smartest people I know.
But he wasn’t asking for referrals (at least not often and not strategically).
When he did, he earned $60,000 in six weeks. And all he had to do was push the “Send” button on his computer.
So what’s the lesson in this?
You have to ask for what you want. If you aren’t calling your creditors and asking them to lower your interest rates or waive the penalties, they aren’t going to.
You have to ask.
That might be all it takes. Call up your credit card company and ask for the hardship department. Then tell them your situation. See what they say.
The worst that will happen? They will say “no.” But I’m willing to bet that 99 percent of them will work with their customers to provide at least a little wiggle room. Maybe they will let you skip one
Or maybe they will settle your $15,000 credit card bill for 40 cents on the dollar, like they did for my friend.
You will never know unless you ask.
In my program, I teach people to call their credit card companies at least once every six months to negotiate lower interest rates or better terms.
Why not make today the day you call ‘em up and ask?
As always, let me know your success stories by posting a comment below!
Philip Tirone