A letter to my mom…

Dear Mom,
When I think back to my childhood, one memory in particular still makes my eyes well up with tears…
While other parents were driving Mercedes and BMW’s, you were driving the school bus. And you did it with a smile on your face!
And work ethic isn’t the only thing you gave me. You are the definition of “Super Mom.” You have taught me that…
1) My word is my wand.
In fact, I can still hear your voice: “Phil, your word is your wand.”
If I was angry and complaining, you taught me that I would attract whatever I was focusing on. If I continued to use words of frustration, I would attract more frustrating things in my life. But if I used words of gratefulness, I would be given other things for which I would be grateful.
And guess what? My word is my wand, and that is why my life is so great right now.
Thank you, Mom.

2) I should always make it fun.

It was late into my elementary school years when I learned that “Energy Balls” were actually pitted prunes and that “Moon Candy” was dried apricots.
I specifically remember a day when I had a friend over, and you said, “Who wants some Energy Balls?”  Lacey and I jumped up and down…
I can only imagine what my friend was thinking, but I still grin when I think about the sick look of disappointment on his face when you brought out the “treat.” After recovering from his shock, he said, “Those aren’t Energy Balls. Those are PRUNES!”
Well, to this day, I still love my Energy Balls… and countless other kind-of-gross things that you made fun.
3) It will come back tenfold.

Perhaps your greatest lesson was this: “Everything you give will come back 10 times, so just keep giving.”
I remember the time you donated enough money to sponsor a pew at church. Money was tight, so I asked, “Why are we giving that much money when we can’t buy what we need for our own household?”
You said, “Whatever we give will come back ten times. Let’s keep giving and believing!” And you were right, Mom. It always came back ten times… and more.

4) I should give it to God.
I never saw you worry, Mom, even when you were single, raising two kids, and barely making ends meet.
Whenever you saw me worry, you always said: “Give it to God, Phil. It’s not your problem.”
Then you showed me how to take action, believing that God would solve the problem. In fact, you are still the Queen of Action because you know that God will solve your problems, so you work on His side to find a solution… and fast!
But you don’t worry, and this makes all the difference. You keep a smile on your face, and it has taught me to keep a smile on my face.
5) To work hard and to NOT focus on the money.

Your work ethic is unmatched.

I remember when you wanted me to attend a private school that we couldn’t afford. You got creative, put your ego aside, and went to the school with a proposal…
“You let my son go to school here for free, and I’ll drive the bus without pay.”

I couldn’t be more proud of my bus-driving, queen-of-action Super Mom. I’m a lucky man.
I love you.
Happy Mothers Day!
– Philip Tirone
I would love to hear your thoughts on what my mom taught me. Please leave a comment below.