How to Get a Loan – A Bank Insider’s Shocking SpyCam Confession

Do you think it is fair that the very same banks who are being propped up by your taxpayer dollars – the banks who got big bailouts – are unwilling or unable to tell you how to get a loan by increasing your credit score?
I don’t, which is why I went into a major bank with a SpyCam to see whether the banks are training their bankers to tell you how to improve your credit score and qualify for a loan.
And guess what? After the government unilaterally decided to give the banks a loan using your money, the banks won’t tell you how to improve your credit score so you can qualify for a loan.
The government forced us to give them a loan, and now they won’t tell us how to get a loan. Does that seem fair?
They should tell us:

  • How to build credit so that you can qualify for one of their loans.
  • How your credit cards impact your credit score (a factor I call the “credit card score.”)
  • All the facts about bankruptcy and foreclosure, and how you can bounce back from these financial crises.