“Buy Now Pay Later No Credit Check

By Philip Tirone

Are the buy now pay later no credit check offers good for your credit score?

Probably not.

As you learn how to build credit, you should consider that certain credit types of credit, including buy now pay later no credit check offers, will probably hurt your credit score.

You can probably surmise that buy now pay later no credit check offers usually come with Goliath-sized interest rates. People who apply for these loans are often risky borrowers who are unlikely to repay their loans, so creditors who offer buy now pay later no credit check loans know that many of their customers will default once the grace period expires. To make these loans worthwhile, creditors attach high interest rates. The people who do repay their loans pay an arm and a leg in interest to compensate the creditors for the cost of those who default.

Aside from the high interest rates, buy now pay later no credit check offers are probably a bad idea for another reason. The creditor might not check your credit before granting you a loan, but the creditor will most certainly report the buy now pay later no credit check offer to the credit-scoring bureaus. And credit scoring systems frown upon any buy now pay later loans. These loans suggest that the borrower is not currently able to meet the financial obligations of the loan, and this gives the credit-scoring bureaus reason to believe that you are a credit risk.

One of the rules of how to build credit is that you should never do anything that suggests you are experiencing financial strain. Even if you plan to repay the loan in a timely manner, the buy now pay later no credit check loan tells the credit-scoring bureaus that you are in such a financial bind that you will agree to sky-high interest rates. A person whose finances are stable probably would not agree to high interest rates, so credit-scoring bureaus will lower your credit score if you apply for these loans.

One more reason to steer clear of buy now pay later no credit check offers: These loans often result in a high utilization rate. Remember that your utilization rate is the balance you have on a loan or credit card as compared to the limit. The lower your utilization rate, the better your credit score. Because the balance on these loans often does not decrease for many months (remember, you will pay later), your utilization rate stays high until you start paying.

Though the buy now pay later no credit check offers might be tempting, if you really want to take the steps and learn how to improve your credit score, you should turn your back on these offers.

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