Feedback Please!

Of the 38,000 people who entered the $2,500 Amazon gift card giveaway, almost half said they would benefit from a higher credit score.  If this sounds like you, you aren’t alone.
I have been in the credit-improvement business for almost 20 years and I’ve heard a lot of concerns over the years. 
That being said, 2020 was unlike any year we have ever had- and for that reason, I’d love to get your feedback about what people are going through now with regards to their credit score.
Here are some questions to spark some thoughts…

  • What is the biggest problem you have with your credit score?
  • What is the one question you always wondered about credit scoring?
  • Have you used credit repair in the past?  If yes, what happened?
  • What roadblocks with your credit have you hit in the past?
  • What other questions come to mind… (credit score related)?
  • Or… is credit the last thing you are focusing on now with everything else happening in the world?

Don’t feel like you need to use your real name.  Just post these answers in the comments and I will be reading every single response!
I’m going to be able to take this information and incorporate it into the new product that I’m releasing for 2021. I believe it will be transformative in the credit improvement industry.
Philip and the 720 Credit Score Team