Cash-Only Is Dead Wrong

Many so-called experts say that if you want to build credit, you should adopt a cash-only policy. But here’s the truth …
They are dead wrong.
Avoiding credit won’t make life easier. In fact, it will make life a heck of a lot harder.
If you adopt a cash-only policy, you won’t be able to build credit. In fact, you’ll end up with no credit. And no credit is just as bad as poor credit.
You see, the credit-scoring bureaus want to see that you can responsibly handle many different types of credit before they award you a good credit score. If you don’t accumulate a proven track record, you won’t get a good credit score.
This is why I always say that having no credit score is just as bad as having a poor credit score.
No credit score means …

  • You’ll have a hard time getting great insurance premium rates.
  • You might be unable to find a job.
  • Landlords might not want to rent to you.

And if you ever need a loan (and you probably will!), you will get lousy terms and pay an arm-and-a-leg in interest.
Most likely, the banks are spreading vicious rumors!
Here’s the cold-hard truth …
The banks have intentionally kept consumers in the dark about credit scoring.
The banks fare better if your score is lousy. Simply put, the lower your credit score, the more you will pay in interest.
But what if you learned all the secrets and beat the banks at their own game?

Click here for an article I wrote about the biggest misconceptions of credit scoring. And feel free to pass the article on.
Oh, one last thing. Here’s a pop quiz …
Is the following statement true or false?
“If you shut down some of your credit card accounts, your score will go down.” Click here to read the full answer.