Credit Bad after Identity Theft – Fastest Way to Fix

Credit Bad, How to Build Credit, Credit Score – Question #4
Question Submitted by:  Kevin, Tempe, Arizona
I’ve heard you shouldn’t challenge every negative item on your credit report, but my credit is bad due to identity theft.  If I disputed them individually it would take me years to clean it up, any thoughts?
Good point Kevin.  Yes, if you dispute all your bad credit or items on your credit report at once, the bureaus can deem the request “frivolous” and ignore it.  That is why in 7 Steps to a 720 Credit Score, I recommend you only dispute three items at a time.
Now, if your bad credit is because you were a victim of identity theft, its’ a different story.  In that case, simple submit your police report with the dispute and the credit bureaus will not deem your request “frivolous.”
Make sure you follow my video lessons on how to build credit, as just because you get the bad credit off your credit report, it does not mean that your credit score will be above 720.