Credit Inquiries Won’t Hurt, As Long As …

“But Phil,” my client was saying, “I don’t want to pull my credit report. Won’t that hurt my credit score because of the credit inquiry?”
My response was, “Nope. A credit inquiry won't hurt your credit score—at least, not if it is soft.”
Let me explain …
The only kind of credit inquiries that hurt your credit score are “hard” inquiries. Hard inquiries are defined as inquiries into your credit score by a lender for the purpose of determining whether to extend you a loan.
All other inquiries are considered “soft” inquiries, and while they appear on your credit report, they do not hurt your score. So pulling your own credit score is considered a soft inquiry. Likewise, if a landlord or a potential employer pulls your report, the inquiry will not hurt your score. A lender’s inquiry might even be considered soft if it is done to determine whether to change your interest rate.
In other words, pull away! Checking into your own credit report is considered responsible behavior, and you won’t be punished for doing so.
So how many times can you pull your credit report? As many as you want. You can pull your own credit report every single day of the year, and your score won’t drop a single point. But if you have more than two credit inquiries by a lender within a six-month timeframe, your score will probably dip a few points.