Father’s Day Next Sunday, by 720 Credit Score

As many of you know, there is nothing that excites me more than being a great Dad (and no, I’m not there yet).
Just this weekend, I told my oldest daughter Ava that this was going to be “our” day, and I picked her up from school on Friday, and for the next 23 hours, it was just the two of us (with no brothers or sisters).
Many the ideas I get from Fathering come from what I have learned from other great dads… one of them is my close friend, Greg Hague.
Greg, like me is SO passionate about Fathering, that when he hears a story about a great Father, he writes about it and sends it out to everyone he knows.
These stories are touching, inspiring, and designed to make you think.  Many times after reading one of his stories, I’ve though “I should do this with my kids.”
Over the months and years, he has written so many great stories, that he decided to put them all into a book.
If you want a great Father’s Day gift, I HIGHLY recommend you buy this book.
Young or old, your Father will be inspired by the stories in the book!  And most likely, it will inspire him to be an even better Dad.  🙂
To buy printed version, click here.
To buy digital version, click here.
That is one thing the world needs… more Great Dads!
Have a great week!
P.S. If you order today or tomorrow, you will have the book by Sunday!  You will thank me!