First Time Entrepreneur with No Credit wants Business Credit – Possible?

Credit Bad, No Credit Score, How to Build Credit – Question #1
Question Submitted by:  Benjamin, Aliso Viejo, CA
How can a first time entrepreneur, with virtually no credit score, who is starting his own business, apply for business credit – the correct way, and not have to use personal collateral to obtain the credit?
Answer by Philip Tirone:
In short, especially in today’s market, you will need to learn how to build credit personally, before anyone gives you business credit without personal collateral.  In short, they will consider your credit bad, and not lend to you.
This was possible before the mortgage meltdown, but now, it’s not possible and anyone that tells you it is, is just dreaming.
I’m a big believer in entrepreneurs!  The key is that you start establishing your credit immediately, and the good news, since you have no credit, you will have a 720+ credit score in a very short time as long as you take the right steps.   At that point, the lenders won’t consider your credit bad.
I recommend you attend our free 60-minute teleseminar, it’s jam packed with information, and at the end of the call you will be invited to enroll into our full program (that is why it’s free).  Even if you don’t enroll in our program, you will find this very valuable.
If you can’t attend, here is a link to our full program, however, since you are a start up – I will give you our $997 program for whatever you can afford.  I’m really committed to riding America of bad credit or no credit.  The only way I can do that is with people like you, if you help me spread the word.
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