For my 720 family, by 720 Credit Score

I have some opportunities for entrepreneurs, and I have a few congratulations for you…
First the opportunities:
A close friend of mine is a culinary genius and owns a dozen restaurants. He just bought a high-end wine store, which sells about 2,000 baskets each year. He expects this number to grow under him, and he plans on enhancing the already-luxurious baskets. This is where you could come in. He needs the following:

  • A supplier of artesian baskets, bowls, or anything else that could be used for high-end gift baskets.
  • Artists that make anything that could be sold in a high-end wine store.

If you know any vendors who could help him accomplish his goals, please reply to this email.
1) One of my close friends finished his book on financial planning. I’ve read a lot of books on personal finance, but frankly, most of them are boring and exhausting. Jeff’s book, on the other hand, is really unique, if you are looking for a book on personal finance, check this out: Soldier of Finance: Take Charge of Your Money and Invest in Your Future.
2) Congrats to Norma Bellos, whose son Richard just got into Harvard. Wow!
3) Congrats to Kiddy and Jonathan Davis for paying off $44,000 in credit card debt in 12 months. You figured out a plan, followed it, and now you can reap the benefits!
4) Congratulation to Nic Sirrine, who raised his credit score after a bankruptcy from 520 to 700,in just four months! Nic – you rock! Thanks for following the advice perfectly.
5) Congratulation to Jimi Akiboh, who raised his credit score after a divorce and bankruptcy from 535 to 727 in 17 months. Great job, Jimi!
Here’s to making the end of 2013 the best ever!
As you know, I love to hear about the accomplishments in your life. If you have any big successes, credit or otherwise, comment below.