For People Who Want to Raise Their Credit Score… and PRONTO, by 720 Credit Score

This is one of the tricks for raising credit scores that most people don’t know about …
It’s calling “authorized user.” If you become an authorized user on someone’s credit card, your credit score will increase as long as that credit card is in good standing.
In fact, I’ve seen people’s scores increase sixty points just by becoming authorized users.
The catch is that you must meet certain qualifications to become an authorized user: you must choose the right person and the right credit card. Read this article about becoming an authorized user to see how to qualify.
Philip Tirone
P.S. If you have a bad credit score, and you have fewer than five credit cards, I strongly suggest that you become an authorized user!
P.P.S. I’ve been working on an exciting project for people who have been wronged by the credit bureaus. Keep your eyes peeled… I’ll be releasing it soon.