Holiday Hangover

Are you hung over?
And I’m not talking about the booze-induced hangover (though you might have that, too!)
I’m talking about the post-holiday credit-card hangover …
The one that happens when you realize you spent way more than you meant to spend.
The one that causes a headache when you wake up, see your credit card bills clearly, and realize what you’ve done.
But there’s hope …
You can recover.
In just a few days, I’m starting a new-and-improved 14-Day Credit Challenge, where you can grab your credit card bills by the horns
once and for all.
Here’s the even better news …
The webinar orientation doesn’t cost a penny and I’ll show you how you can have a 720 credit score in just six months. The enhanced program will take your credit score from wherever it is today …
To at least 720.
In just six months!
It’s like aspirin for your credit card bills…
Click here to reserve your spot.
I’m so sure of my new Challenge that I offer a pretty gutsy guarantee: I promise that you’ll have a 720+ credit score in six months, or I’ll pay you $794.
So put my guarantee to the test! Best-case scenario, you’ll have a 720 score. Worst-case scenario, you’ll have $794.
Philip Tirone