How to rebuild credit without a secured card

I just got a call from Nancy in Indiana.
Her question was:
“I’ve gone through the program and know that my husband and I both need three credit cards after our bankruptcy. The problem, is that we don’t have money for the secured cards, and our credit score is too low for an unsecured card. What should I do?”
My answer:
“Can you afford $39 per month for 12-months?” She said she could.
I continued… Our Credit Rebuilder Program is designed for this situation.”
Here is how it works: has partnered with a nationwide financing company that has agreed to approve 100% of our clients (regardless of your current credit score) who apply to join our 720 Credit Rebuilder Program.
Here are the details:

  • Price: When you apply for financing to join our 720 Credit Rebuilding Program, you will be approved. You will then make 12 monthly payments of $39, or 24 twice-monthly payments of $19.50.
  • These payments will have the similar impact on your credit score as a monthly car payment. Each payment will be reported to TransUnion and Equifax as an “Installment Line.”
  • Your membership in this program includes:
    • Enrollment into “7 Steps to a 720 Credit Score” for twelve months (instead of the standard six months). Your extended access will begin after your first on-time payment.
    • Priority access to our monthly Question and Answer calls, where you will be invited to ask for personalized guidance for a full year (instead of the standard three months).
  • Plus, this fee is good for a borrower and co-borrower. Meaning, Nancy and her husband can sign up together, for the same $39 per month cost.
  • In six month or so, once her credit score starts to rise, credit card companies will offer Nancy and her husband unsecured credit cards, which at that point, they can start applying for, to get their credit to 720.

If you are interested in enrolling, please fill out our secure online agreement here: