How Can I Remove a Bankruptcy From My Credit Report?

Question: Tell me how to remove a bankruptcy from my credit report?

Answer: Let’s cut to the chase … You cannot legally remove a legitimate bankruptcy from a credit report. Unless the bankruptcy really truly wasn’t yours and is appearing erroneously on your credit report for some reason, the bankruptcy will never be erased from your credit report.

In fact, it’s illegal, so if any company ever offers to remove a bankruptcy from your credit report, run! This company is unscrupulous, and it will probably take your money and run. There are no legal ways to remove a legitimate bankruptcy from your credit report, so save you money and avoid these scams. 

But there is good news …

Though you cannot get a bankruptcy removed from your credit report,  you should not worry about getting it removed. 

That might be surprising. Like most people, you might think that after bankruptcy, your credit will be ruined for seven or ten years. Fortunately, that’s not true. If you reestablish your credit properly after bankruptcy, you can have a 720 Credit Score in just two years after the bankruptcy.

Learning how to rebuild credit after a bankruptcy is simple, and it could take you as little as 12 or 24 months, assuming you do it the right way.