I cheated…

I’ve entered a bodybuilding contest.
If you know what I look like, you know that I’m not the bodybuilder type—not at all.
For those of you who don’t know what I look like, here’s a picture …

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you that the category I entered is “Men’s Overall Fitness.” So I won’t be wearing a Speedo or showing off my massive biceps (which I don’t have and never will).
Anyway, the reason I’m telling you this is because I’ve been hitting the gym twice a day and being careful about the food I put into my body.
I won’t be wearing a Speedo, but I will be standing in front of a panel of judges wearing swim trunks. And since I like to win, I’m obsessive about doing everything I can to win …
But then on Monday night, the family went to dinner, and when Lily took the kids into the restroom, I snuck some dessert!
It was the first time I’d slipped since entering the contest.
And I know from the past that once I slip, it’s all downhill from there—at first it’s just once, and then it’s once a week, and next thing you know, I’m eating ice cream for breakfast.
Does this sound familiar? You’ll be doing just fine with your diet, and then you go on vacation, attend a birthday party, or have some other occasion where you give yourself permission to eat something, and all of a sudden, you are sitting on the couch munching on Doritos every afternoon.
But the truth is that any goal worth achieving is hard work. Fixing credit, addressing financial problems, losing weight, gaining a new skill – these are all things that require a ton of commitment and hours and hours of work.
We are bound to slip up, make a few errors along the way.
Letting one error get the best of us …
Well, that’s just nonsense.
What if we just got back on the horse? What if we took the mistake, learned a lesson from it, put that lesson in our back pocket, and just kept on truckin’?
Wouldn’t that be a lot better than eating a bag of Doritos?
So this week, let’s all recommit to an important goal, whether it’s financial, personal, physical, professional …
I’m recommitting to fitness. And if I’m feeling really brave, I’ll post the picture of me in the fitness contest!
What are you going to recommit to? Leave a comment below and let me know!
Philip Tirone