I don’t mean to brag…, by 720 Credit Score

I’m generally a healthy guy, but I gotta confess…
I love ice cream.
I can clean out a pint in less than 25 minutes.
And… I’m a busy guy, so I let fitness slip through the cracks here and again.
Then ten months ago, I made a commitment to get into the best shape of my life. I’ve been taking pictures in regular intervals documenting my transformation.
If you look at the pictures*, there isn’t much difference from one picture to the next. But if you hold up Month One against Month Ten, it’s like you are looking at two different people.
Here’s another related thought…
My oldest daughter, Ava, is five. And I swear that from day-to-day, she looks exactly the same as she did the day before. But even though the growth from day-to-day is undetectable, she’s been growing like a weed.
In fact, when I look at Ava next to my newest baby (Emma will be two weeks old tomorrow), Ava looks more like an adult than a baby!
My Coach Tim Wood has said to me, “People always over estimate what they can accomplish in a year, and GROSSLY underestimate what they can accomplish in five years.”
Here’s my point: Transforming your credit score or your finances is possible—it’s even easy once your behaviors become second nature.
But don’t measure your progress daily—you’ll only get frustrated. Give it some time, and then look back in a month or six months. Just keep piling on small changes, and see what happens!
Philip Tirone
* I was going to post the pictures, but one of my staff members said, “No thanks, Phil. We don’t need to see you with your shirt off.”
So I’m not going to post the before and after pictures, but please leave a comment on my blog if you have any thoughts!