I sent it to the president…

Call me crazy, but I once sent a  seven-day bowel cleansing formula to  President Clinton. He looked  unhealthy at the time, and I was a  concerned citizen …
Another time, I convinced billionaire  Rick Caruso to have coffee with me. I  got Coach Ken Carter (of the 2005 film  Coach Carter starring Samuel  Jackson) to meet with my staff  members and me. And when I was 23,  I persuaded Zig Ziglar to have lunch with me.
I did all these things because I believe  in getting exposure to big thinkers— people who can help me shape my future.
In one of my posts emails, I  suggested that if you are struggling  with debt or credit problems, you could  “change your physical environment so  that you are more likely to create the  psychological shift necessary to fulfill  your financial goals.”
I got several requests asking for more  information about how to do this if you  are deeply in debt, can’t get credit, or  are having to start over from scratch.
So I thought I’d pass along an idea that has worked for me …
Get physical exposure to people you admire.
If you start talking to other people who have been in your circumstances, and who are now living a life you admire, you will get at least a few ideas for changing your circumstances. Plus,
you will build a supportive network of people who are on your side … who want you to achieve your goal.
I know that financial problems can be embarrassing, and you might not want to reach out to people for help. But you can save yourself from years of pain if you decide to reach out to a few strategic (and trustworthy) people who will give you ideas for changing your finances and your future.
So whom should you get exposure to? Basically, you need to find people who have “been there, and done that”—people who have successfully moved past obstacles to find success and financial stability. This might be your sister-in-law, a local businessperson, or a good friend.
Or, you might want to reach even farther outside of your social circle, especially if you are deeply in debt, unemployed, or starting from scratch.
You could start looking for people who can pull you up, a few mentors or advisors who can help you make radical shifts in your situation.
That’s what I did when I got Zig Ziglar to have lunch with me. And that’s what I did when I brought Coach Carter into my office.
So how did I do it?
Well, you’ll have to wait for my next post, but I’ll give you a hint …
I used Seven Magic Words.
Until then, post a comment below and let me know your ideas for getting physical exposure to people who can help you change your circumstances.
Philip Tirone