Most Importnat Part of Yesterday's Call, by 720 Credit Score

For those of you who missed the Q&A call yesterday, here was a common theme that I want everyone to understand:
Rebuilding Your Credit – The easiest way to rebuild your credit is by applying for new credit.  However, if you have more than five credit cards, this does not apply to you.
Please read this entire email…
Keep one thing in mind: I do not want you to apply for just any credit. Apply for credit that is going to help build your credit score.  As I teach in my program, according to a Federal Reserve Board Study, 46% of credit cards hurt your credit score.
Reminder #1: If you are married, do NOT apply for joint credit.
Reminder #2: You need three new credit cards after a major financial meltdown (Bankruptcy or Foreclosure), so apply for all three credit cards right away.
Reminder #3: Don’t put this off… this is the #1 reason people do not have the big jump on their credit report.
I’ve done all the research for you and there are different credit cards you should apply for, depending on where your credit score is:
For those with a credit score of 660+: Click Here

For those with a credit score below 659: Click Here

Please Note: For those of you with a credit score of 660+: if you don’t get approved for any of those credit cards listed, then go to the other site for credit scores below 659.
Remember, these are not going to be your credit cards forever. You will have them for just enough time to rebuild your credit, and then I’ll show you how to get the great credit cards!
Promise yourself right now to take the time and apply for new credit this week. Put it in your calendar… And when you accomplish it, give yourself a gift or a bonus.
In six months you will be THRILLED with the results.
Philip Tirone
P.S. This one step is the biggest mistake people make, don’t let it be yours.