Lily Tirone (my wife), told me something, by 720 Credit Score

My wife, Lily Tirone, and I just welcomed Baby #4 into the world (read about it here: “Thank You, Mrs. Lily Tirone”).
Little Emma is about six weeks old.
Suffice it to say, we aren’t getting a ton of sleep in my household.
The other morning, I was mulling over the fact that sleep-deprivation is used as a torture device when Lily reminded me of something …
I’m not really going to remember this.
So much life has happened between now and when my other kids were born, that those first few months are a fog. I look at my older kids, and I just remember the good stuff.
This reminder helps me make it through the tough times. Some much life is going to happen between now and six months from now. I can do it. I can wake up for all those midnight feedings.
… and 2:30 a.m. feedings.
… and 5:00 a.m. feedings.
In fact, not only can I do it, but it won’t even be important in six months. I’ll barely remember what it was like. So I can do it.
And so can you. If you are in a financial mess, it might seem unbearable—at times even torturous.
But if you do what you are supposed to do—take the tough steps now—you will work your way out of the mess. And so much living will happen that eventually … it won’t seem to bad.
You know what you have to do: Start rebuilding your credit. Cut wayyyy back on your expenses—downsize if you have to. And if it’s really, really bad, maybe you even need to declare bankruptcy and give yourself a fresh start.
Whatever it is, take that step now. You can do it!
That Lily Tirone is a smart cookie, isn’t she? If you want to comment on her wisdom, leave a message below.
Philip Tirone