Step One to Raising Your Credit Score – Get Rid of Your Debt.

If you ever attend my Question and Answer sessions, (about how to raise your credit score), you know there is a common theme – debt, debt, and more debt.
How can someone with a lot of credit card debt raise their credit score?  It’s the chicken and the egg conversation over and over.
Here’s the bottom line: Sometimes the best first step for you to take is either bankruptcy or debt negotiation.
So many of my clients are SO worried about their credit score that they don’t make a logical decision about the debt they have.  When this happens, they end up paying the minimum payments on their credit cards, and never get what they ultimately want – Debt free OR a high credit score.
As I say over and over, the key to raising your credit score if you have debt is to learn your options.
Since I get so many requests for introductions, I’ve done the research on great referral partners for my clients.
If you have debt you cannot pay-off, click here and I’ll give you and introduction to a bankruptcy attorney and a debt negotiator.
If you have back taxes of $10,000, click here and I’ll introduce you to a tax resolution specialist.
If your credit is bad and you simply want to raise your credit score, click here and I’ll introduce you to a partner of ours that offers our credit improvement program.
If you have student loans, and you cannot keep up with the payments, click here and I’ll introduce you to a partner of ours.
Bottom line is this… if you are having a hard time with your debt, you need to take a look at all your options.
Once you gather all of this information, talk to me on one of my Question and Answer Sessions and together, we can figure out the next best steps to raise your credit score.