The dinner question…

I recently turned “the big 4-0,” and at my dinner party, we all took turns answering a question…
Over the next 40 years, what is the thing you are most excited about?
One of my buddies has the coolest idea, and I wanted to share it with you…
He’s going to do a “reverse retirement,” meaning he’ll retire in his 40s and start traveling with his wife and kids.
Here’s the “reverse” part of his plan: He will then go back to work in his 50s.
Isn’t that cool? In his 40s, when his kids are young, he will give them the greatest gift of all: his time.
And once his kids are nearing graduation and preparing to leave the nest, he will go back to work.
Of course, most of us do not have the financial resources to stop working in our 40s, but it did reinforce the idea that I should spend as much of my time as possible in “transformational mode.”
What are some of the functional things I can stop doing (or at least postpone) in lieu of doing transformational things?
A big one for me is this: I could substantially cut down use of my cell phone and instead use this time to hang out with my kids and wife. Checking my email and voice mail isn’t necessary all of the time, but spending time with my wife and three young kids is incredibly important!
What about you? Is there anything functional that you should STOP doing (or at least postpone) in lieu of doing something transformational—financial or otherwise?
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Philip Tirone