The important part of improving your score fast, by 720 Credit Score

If I had to choose one thing as the most important aspect for raising your score after a financial meltdown, it would be this: Apply for new credit.
The problem is: How can you qualify when your score is low?
We generally refer people to secured cards, but even then: If you are already having financial problems, how can you afford the deposit required by secured cards?
Fortunately, our researcher, Natalie, found a new card that accepts applications for people with a score as low as 580. It’s not a secured card, so you don’t have to put any money down to qualify.
If you don’t have three cards in your name and cannot afford secured cards, you should apply for this card right away. Don’t wait, even for a day since we don’t know how long the guarantee will last.
Of course, we’ve done the research, and we believe this is one of the best subprime cards out there. It isn’t one of the 46% of cards that will hurt your score, so as long as you keep your balance low and pay your bills on time, this card will help your score increase.
Click here to apply.