The “ugh” that turned into a “yay”

I make it a point to read every comment that readers leave on my blog, and while most of them are positive, every now and then people disagree with something I’ve done or said.
And frankly, it can be hard to read. Like everyone else, I want to be helpful, so when I read negative comments, I occasionally feel…
Well, the word that comes to mind is “Ugh.”
Anyhow, I was hung up on something negative that one of my readers wrote. He wanted to know what I, a credit guy, was doing sending out inspirational emails. The general tone of his comment was: Who do you think you are?

It struck a nerve. I was in a funk.
Then I read this comment:
“My favorite part of your letter was when you called your words your wand. So true such words to live by. The understanding that we have the power to produce what we want & need by staying in the positive and maintaining an attitude of finding the solution.”
Then this:
“Your blog actually made me cry…happy tears…the kind I cry when I read about someone who does the right thing, even if it involves struggle, knowing that good will come of every action.”
So my “ugh” turned into a “yay!”
And I was reminded of something my friend Dean Graziosi always focuses on. Dean is a real estate guru, and he talks to his real estate students quite a bit about keeping their distance from naysayers.
He mixes lessons about “lease options,” “flipping houses,” and “wholesaling” with pep talks.
Weird, right?
Well… not really.
Dean knows that his students will accomplish a lot more if they surround themselves with people who are optimistic, who believe in them, and who give them a pep talk here and there.
So that’s why I, a credit guy, send out inspirational emails… ‘cuz I want you to be inspired to take action! You will get your credit in shape a lot faster, reach your financial goals, and TAKE ACTION a lot faster if the people you come into contact with believe you can do it.
What do you think? Let me know below.
Like I said, I read every single comment people leave on my blog, so let me know if something is on your mind!
Philip Tirone
PS. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there, including my own! If you read my weekly blogs, you know that I’m “all in” when it comes to fathering… so stay tuned for a blog post about my own dad, and the big lessons he taught me that I want to pass along…