Tip – ID fraud and smartphones, by 720 Credit Score

I recently read that smartphone owners experience a greater incidence of fraud and identity theft, and here’s why…
About 32 percent of smartphone owners save login info on their device, and 62 percent of them don’t use a password on their home screen, which means anyone who finds their phone can access their login info!
Here’s another problem with keeping personal info in your Smartphone – anyone who repairs it can download your personal info, and then use it to wipe your accounts clean or apply for credit in your name.
As the owner of 7 Steps to a 720 Credit Score, I’ve seen the effects identify fraud first-hand, so I wanted to pass this information along to you …
Protect yourself by:

  1. Putting a password on the home screen of your Smartphone
  2. Storing personal information in a file that cannot be accessed by someone who gets a hold of your Smartphone. If you ever need to get your phone repaired, the repair technician will have access to everything on your phone, so be sure to keep sensitive information somewhere else!

Any other tips for keeping your Smartphone safe? Post them below!
Philip X. Tirone
P.S. Another thing you might consider is turning off your phone’s “location services,” which stores your location within every photo you take—this is bad news particularly if you have children. Imagine that you take a picture of your toddler eating spaghetti, and then post it online. Unless you disable location services, anyone who saw the picture could find the exact address of your home!