“Way too intense” Part 2

Thank you to those who commented on my post from last week. I would like to point out something that came up…
I know there can be a lot of guilt and shame around past financial decisions – The bankruptcy, the collections, the foreclosure, the short sale, the losing of your retirement, or even just being in debt.  All of it can be embarrassing and can take a toll over the years. It’s time to stop it.
What if you gave yourself permission to think about it differently, in a similar way that I did with my family?
What if you looked at your financial situation, whether it be a bankruptcy, collections, debt, foreclosure, or short sale, as the beginning of something great in your life?
Think about it from a logical standpoint… Is it possible that what you learned from this experience will take you to a new place that you have never been financially?
Well, I know it is!
I’ve had over 20,000 students go through my 7 Steps to a 720 Credit Score program, and I can tell you with absolute certainty that those who fall the hardest have the biggest and best recoveries.
That could be you!
But you need to do one thing – Stop focusing on the past and start focusing on the future. Stop beating yourself up and wishing you could change the past. Stop making the bankruptcy, foreclosure, short sale, debt, or whatever it may be, mean something bigger than it needs to be. Because guess what? It’s not!
It’s time that you forgive yourself and wipe the slate clean. Don’t be bothered by what you “should have done.” If you did what you “should have done” you wouldn’t be reading this email right now and you wouldn’t be poised for the biggest breakthrough in your life.
Are you feeling it? Are you ready to stop beating yourself up?
If yes, great!
If you are a client of our 7 Step program, and you haven’t followed it perfectly and want to re-enroll, simply send an email to Info@720CreditScore.com and I’ll re-enroll you for free.
Here’s the bottom line, stop beating yourself up over the past.
You did the best you could do at that moment and your future is going to be greatly impacted because of what you learned!
Here’s to your future!