My wife is turning 40, and I’ve got something to say

My beautiful wife, Lily, is turning forty on Monday, and people keep asking her what it feels like.
“Are you freaking out?”
“Enjoy the last few days of your thirties! You’ll be over the hill soon.”
Lily simply laughs.
I say that she “simply” laughs, but if you have ever heard her laugh, you know that there’s nothing simple about it. Lily’s laugh turns heads. It is the kind of laugh that fills a room. It is nothing short of an exultation of the spirit .
It is a complex symphony of all the secrets of life.
That laugh envelops me. And even on the worst days—and with four kids ages six and under, you can bet that there are bad days—Lily shares that laugh with me.
Lily knows something that I want to know, that I strive to know. Lily knows how to celebrate life, and how to find delight—comprehensive delight—no matter what.
I’m an optimistic guy. I never give up, but I’m no match for Lily. We are blessed, but we also have experienced our share of grief and pain. And Lily is the one who pulls us out … every single time.
I’m telling you this because I want you to imagine that laugh the next time you are feeling financial strain. The next time you have that awful feeling in the gut of your stomach, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Then imagine being in a place of total peace. If only for a few moments, let yourself feel calm and tranquil.
You see, I don’t believe that people who are feeling anxiety and panic can make the best solutions. I think the best way to find a solution—a truly good solution—is to be in a place of peace. Only then do you have the clarity to analyze the different paths you can take.
It’s that simple.
Philip Tirone
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